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All You Need to Know About Resin

Boy, there are A LOT of resin products available in the marketplace, and they’re not inexpensive. Just like you want to choose the right tool for your woodworking tasks, you also want to choose the right resin for your resin work. The right product for a resin table isn’t necessarily… Read More

Making a Wood Bowl with Resin Accents

There are lots of things to like about bowl turning. It provides pretty fast gratification, offers lots of room for creativity, and requires tools that don’t take up too much space. In this video, we’re going to take bowl creativity one step further. With help from resin expert… Read More

How to Cast Resin

Have you ever wondered how to cast resin? This is a great way to extend your woodworking skills into another area, as once you know how to cast resin you can incorporate casting resin into a woodworking project, such as the infamous “River Table” design, or you can use the… Read More

Working with Casting Resin

If you want to get off of the beaten path just a bit in your woodshop, one good way is to explore the possibilities of working with materials other than wood. You’ve seen George work with Antler, brass, and most recently, casting resin. Casting resin opens up worlds of new… Read More

WWGOA LIVE! November 2019

George Vondriska was joined by Jess Crow, a well-known resin artist, during this months WWGOA LIVE Q&A. Jess discussed different resins and how to choose the right one for your work. She also demonstrated her wave resin technique and, of course, answered questions. Read More

Shop-made Epoxy Mold

There are lots of ways to work with resin. It can be cast, used as a table top decoration or finish, poured as a skim coat to add a decorative element to your projects. Casting resin is easy and, thanks to what we’re about to show you, you can make… Read More

Mixing Resin the Right Way

Resin, also called epoxy, has really taken the woodworking world by storm. Lots of woodworkers have become intrigued by resin and what it can add to their projects. This medium provides lots of room for creativity, but if it isn’t used correctly, there can be a myriad of problems. It… Read More

Filling Knots with Epoxy

Some of the most amazing pieces of wood are the ones that have “defects.” Defects could be spalting (mold), small checks, bark inclusions or, in this case, a huge hole. Sure, we could cut around those things and eliminate them, but I’m a huge fan of including this character in… Read More

How to Save Your Wood Shavings

Most of the time, woodworkers are looking for ways to get rid of the shavings and sawdust from their projects. But every once in a while, when there’s something special about the shavings, you may want to collect and save the sawdust. Here’s a great trick that makes it super… Read More

WWGOA LIVE! April 2020, pt. 1

Looking for some new woodworking knowledge? George Vondriska will answer your woodworking questions on WWGOA LIVE. Tune in on Thursday, April 9th at 7:00 p.m. CT. Read More