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  • Making Edge Banding Flush

    How to Make Edge Banding Flush

    It’s not uncommon to use edge banding to put a clean edge on projects that use sheet stock. Unfortunately, the sheet stock and the hardwood edge banding are rarely the same size. Dave Munkittrick and George Vondriska show you how to make the edge banding flush with the sheet stock using a paint scraper and…

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  • How to Sharpen a Card Scraper

    How to Sharpen a Card Scraper

    George Vondriska gives you a brief overview on the easy woodworking process for how to sharpen a card scraper. Over time and after repeated use, the card scraper will no longer be straight. This is a problem that you can quickly fix by jointing the edges with a file and then reforming these edges with…

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  • Benefits of Japanese Pull Saws

    Benefits of Japanese Pull Saws

    George Vondriska demonstrates the benefit of using Japanese Pull Saws to make cuts on your woodworking projects that aren’t quite right for a power tool. He explains why the saw has two different sets of teeth – fine on one side for cross-cutting wood and aggressive on the other for ripping – and makes a…

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  • Tools We Love: Saddle Square

    Tools We Love: Saddle Square

    George Vondriska talks about why he likes using a saddle square on his woodworking projects that require wrapping guidelines around a corner. You’ll be amazed how much easier it is than using a conventional square!

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