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  • Half-Lap Joint: Tenon Jig

    How to Make a Half Lap Joint on a Table Saw with Two Cuts and a Jig

    Attractive, strong half lap joints are really quite easy to make. In this video, you’ll learn how to make a half lap joint on your table saw with a shop-made jig and just two cuts. The Setup To make a two-cut half lap joint on the table saw, you’ll use a shop-made tenoning jig to…

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  • Adding Face Frame Cabinet Trim

    Adding Face Frame Cabinet Trim

    George Vondriska uses a 2″ length 23 gauge headless pinner from GREX to demonstrate the simple process for adding a face frame and decorative trim to your new cabinet or bookshelf project. The pins are so small you can hardly see them! 2″ Length 23 Guage Headless Pinner provided by Grex. For more information, visit…

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  • Drawer Installation Tips

    Drawer Installation Tips

    Mechanical drawer slides make it easy to open and close a drawer, but you’ve got to insert the drawer correctly to make sure you don’t destroy the slide and end up with bearings all over the floor. Check out these drawer installation tips. Relevant Links: DIY Drawers: Lock-Joint DIY Dresser: Attaching Drawer Fronts DIY Dresser:…

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  • Cabinet Door Assembly

    Cabinet Door Assembly

    When creating a cabinet door, it is critical to keep the wood flat and square. George Vondriska provides practical tips on how to assemble door panels using a parallel jaw clamp. A WoodWorkers Guild of America (WWGOA) original video. Steel Bar Clamps provided by Jorgensen. For more information, visit www.ponytools.com

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