WWGOA LIVE! March 2017

George was joined by his daughter, Meg, for the March WWGOA LIVE. She’s not a woodworking expert, but brought her great sense of humor along. It was a very fun session. 0:55 Stacked dado and tenons 1:45 Eval of Trend Air Shield Pro 3:07 Drill chuck for a router? 4:15 Woodworking vs carpentry 5:26 Digital… Read more »

Ask WWGOA: Bandsaw Resaw Blade Size

Q: I just picked up an older 14” bandsaw on Craigslist, and I want to set it up to do resawing. What kind of blade should I get? I’ve seen carbide tipped resaw blades; will those give me my best quality? A: Congrats on picking up a bandsaw; you’re going to love the versatility that… Read more »

Ask WWGOA: Bread Board Ends Pinned

Question: If you are doing breadboard ends on a project that will only be viewed from one side, say perhaps a sofa table or hall table that you never see the back side of the top with any regularity, could you glue instead the front third or so, so that you don’t get the misalignment… Read more »

Ask WWGOA: Dust Collection Size

Question: I’m setting up a new shop and I’ve read everything I can get my hands on about dust collection. Now, I’m more confused than I was before doing the research! My shop is about 300 square feet; the third stall in my three car garage. Can you point me in the right direction on… Read more »

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Ask WWGOA: Using Fallen Wood

Question: In Ontario, Canada, I have free fallen trees cut down by the city to walk away with. How long is too long to consider fallen wood to be not green enough for re-sawing? The trees have been down two winters. What tools and blades will do the job? Submitted by anonymous Answer: It can… Read more »

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Ask WWGOA: Building and Accessorizing a Workbench

Question: This is in reference to the Building and Accessorizing a Workbench video. Very interesting and informative. Why didn’t you drill the bench dog holes with a router and 3/4″ straight bit through the template? Submitted by anonymous Answer: Great question. I learned the answer the hard way. My first approach was using a plunge… Read more »

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Ask WWGOA: Breaking Gorilla Glue

Question: Wondering if you know of a way to break apart joints glued with Gorilla Glue. Whoever tried to repair this antique dresser drawer let the glue squeeze out all over and didn’t clamp the joints so one has set up so far apart the drawer won’t fit in the case. I can use a… Read more »

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Ask WWGOA: Timber Splitting

Question: What can I do to prevent my timber from splitting open? We manufacture furniture in South Africa – Cape Town – then we transport it up country as soon as the furniture is delivered. A month after that our turned legs craps open. We use a glue called Balcotan 100 which is the best… Read more »

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Ask WWGOA: Buffing Compound

Question: Saw your video on finishing wood pens with CA and stick buffing compound. My question is this: what type and brand name is the buffing compound I should use? Submitted by anonymous Answer: You can find stick buffing compound at most woodworking retailers, and also on line. Check out amazon.com for white buffing compound… Read more »

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Ask WWGOA: Maple and Cherry Wood

Question: George, you made a pair of Kitchen Tongs, where do you purchase maple or cherry wood 1 1/8″ thick? Submitted by Terry Answer: In my area, Wisconsin, it’s pretty easy for me to get hardwoods that are 5/4” (1-1/4”) and 8/4” (2”) thick from my hardwood supplier. I did a Google search for “wood… Read more »