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Q: I just picked up an older 14” bandsaw on Craigslist, and I want to set it up to do resawing. What kind of blade should I get? I’ve seen carbide tipped resaw blades; will those give me my best quality?

A: Congrats on picking up a bandsaw; you’re going to love the versatility that this tool provides. For resawing, look for a blade with a low TPI (tooth per inch) count, as this will reduce the burden on the motor as you perform tall resaw cuts.

I like to use a 3TPI blade for resawing, as that generally gives decent speed with good cut quality. I’d suggest keeping the blade width to ¼” less than the maximum size that your machine allows. So, if your saw is a typical American style 14” bandsaw, the maximum blade size might be ¾”, so therefore I would recommend a ½” blade.

Wider would be better for resaw quality, but the slightly smaller size gives you some flexibility when tracking the blade, as you don’t want the blade popping off the back of the wheel.

As far as carbide tipped resaw blades, these offer a great durability advantage over traditional steel bandsaw blades, and they can typically be resharpened if they become dull, but they do not necessarily deliver better cut quality. I would consider them only if you plan to do a lot of resawing that would go through a large volume of traditional blades. For occasional resawing, a 3TPI ½” blade will serve you well.

If you’re looking to learn more, we’ve got lots of great info available that covers how to use a bandsaw, including resawing.


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17 Responses to “Ask WWGOA: Bandsaw Resaw Blade Size”

  1. Harold

    Thanks for that info.

  2. ANDY

    I have a blade like that but the finish and power draw is a big problem. Which tooth design is better, mine has teeth that flare out.

  3. nweber44

    I would like to know if you can split a one by twelve on a fourteen in ban saw .I would like to know before I buy one

  4. cringanj

    I would like to cancel my subscription how do I do this. Thank you

  5. hickshardwoods

    Kitchen Cabinets, I am in the process of researching the materials used to build cabinet doors and drawer fronts. I am going to build the carcass with birch plywood and my question to the wwgoa community what is the good, better and best paint grade material used for the stile, rails and drawer fronts. Since I am the builder saving the cost of having it done, I'm wanting to use money saved for high end material and storage hardware. Ed

  6. Duane

    Watched the recent video on cutting acrylic on the table saw. What about cutting acrylic on the bandsaw? Blade suggestions?

  7. Davis Newman

    I watched your video on Milling small logs on a band saw. You used the plain/flat sawn technique. Why not use quarter or rift sawn technique ?

  8. Roy A

    Bandsaw’s being such a versatile tool has become an integral part of any woodworking. Any respectable wood shop has one. Whatever your saw, it is only as good as the blade you put in it, so always use the best – and at the correct cutting speed too of course.refer Woodfordtooling For size of bandsaw blades online


    I am a fairly new member from Canada. I am in the market to by a mid range 14" bandsaw. I want to ask George if a three speed is better than just a one speed and the throat size on the bandsaw is only 6". Should I wait until I have enough money to buy something with a bigger throat size as I have a lot of resawing to do?

  10. Ray Calkins

    I find it imposable to log in!!! The site is of no value if I can't get access !