Learn How to use a Sander

    Learning how to use a sander isn’t rocket science but our techniques and tips help you sand in a new way.

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    • Make a Random Orbit Sander

      Make a Random Orbit Sander

      If you already have a random orbit sander in your workshop and are looking for an easy-to-make hand sander, George Vondriska has just what you need. Using a piece of MDF, you can build a sturdy hand sander with strips of Velcro and one of the sandpaper disks that comes with your random orbit sander.

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    • Leveling Edge Banding With A Belt Sander

      Leveling Edge Banding with a Belt Sander

      Plywood edgebanding is best applied slightly wide and then sanded flush using a belt sander. Woodworking expert Bruce Kieffer shows you how to do this type of belt sanding without sanding through the plywood veneer or gouging the panel.

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    • Make a Custom Sanding Block

      Make a Custom Sanding Block

      George Vondriska shows you how a quick trip to your local auto parts store is all you need to build your own custom sanding block that can help you sand any shaped profile you may encounter during your woodworking projects.

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    • Wood Sanding Techniques: Sanding in Tight Places

      Wood Sanding Techniques: Sanding in Tight Places

      Don’t start finishing your next project until you check out this useful tip. It’s common to find glue squeeze-out in very tight places of your woodworking project. George Vondriska demonstrates a clever wood sanding technique to not only identify where the glue is, but also how to use a detailed sander to remove it. MX30…

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