George Vondriska

Versatility of a Surface Sander

George Vondriska
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Duration:   9  mins

With all the woodworking tools on the market today, a surface sander may be towards the bottom of your “must own” list. However, after adding a surface sander to his shop, George Vondriska explains how it has quickly become one of his favorite woodworking tools. George takes you through how a surface sander can save you time and improve the quality of a variety of woodworking projects. From cabinet face frames to sanding veneer you’ll be impressed by the versatility of today’s surface sanders.

19-38 Drum Sander provided by SuperMax. For more information, visit

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4 Responses to “Versatility of a Surface Sander”

  1. Dennis

    I have trouble with burning the sand paper on my delta drum sander. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Customer Service

      Hi Dennis. Here are a few suggestions to reduce the tendency to burn:
      – turn up the feed rate- Take a lighter pass- use a coarser grit- clean the sandpaper if it has pitch accumulation- replace the sandpaper if it is worn

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