George Vondriska

Which Exterior Glue?

George Vondriska
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Titebond offers three different glues that will work for exterior applications; polyurethane glue, Titebond II and Titebond III. Each of these glues has advantages, depending on your application. Get the specific details on each glue by watching the video.

Polyurethane glue can be used in damp applications. In fact, there has to be moisture present for the glue to cure properly. Be aware that polyurethane glue foams, and can be a pain to clean up.

Titebond II is water resistant and passes a Type II ANSI test. That means projects made with this can be soaked in water and dried three times without joint failure.

Titebond III is waterproof and passes a Type I ANSI test which includes boiling the water the project is soaked in. Titebond III has a longer working time than Titebond II.

Titebond II and III are both FDA approved for indirect food contact.

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One Response to “Which Exterior Glue?”

  1. Michael

    Thanks for explaining this. Now I know the specific differences between the glues and can pick according to my needs.

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