George Vondriska

Using a ShopBot Probe

George Vondriska
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Duration:   6  mins

CNC work typically involves creating a design and toolpath and sending that toolpath to your CNC to create an object. What if we could turn that idea around? Start with an object on the CNC bed and copy it to create a file? Guess what? We can do this with the ShopBot Probe, and it’s crazy cool.

Secure a piece of completed work to your spoilboard and turn the probe loose. You can do a complete 3D probe, and you’ll end up with complete vectors that allow you to accurately duplicate the object. You can also choose to only probe the exterior shape to get vectors for the outline of the item.

There are a bunch of great applications for this. Want to add a sea shell carving to your work? Probe a sea shell and you’re good to go. Want to duplicate a guitar body that you really like? Probe the exterior and you’ll have vectors for the shape. This is also handy in you want to add CNC work to an existing item. Simply bring the shape into your design software, add your CNC design, and go back to the CNC to do the cutting.

You can choose how close you want each probe touch to be. The closer the touch points, the more accurate the reproduction. Since you’re getting vectors from the process you can scale the item up or down and maintain accuracy.

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For more information on the probe or other ShopBot products contact ShopBot (888) 680-4466 or visit its website.

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One Response to “Using a ShopBot Probe”

  1. James McDowell

    Is the probe specific to the Shopbot CNC or will it work with other CNC machines?

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