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Check out the ShopBot Indexer

George Vondriska
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Duration:   6  mins

You’re probably used to seeing CNC routers do “flat work” like signs and plaques. You may have also seen 2D carvings done. But did you know you can add an indexer to a CNC and combine CNC accuracy with the ability to rotate your work?

George recently added a ShopBot Indexer to his Desktop CNC router, and the results are crazy cool. You can cut fluted spindles and spirals, and even full 3D pieces, like a chess piece.

Zeroing your X, Y and Z axes to the indexer is pretty straight forward. VCarve software includes a rotary component, and that really simplifies laying out the work you want do with the indexer.

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For more info on the ShopBot Indexer or their CNC machines contact ShopBot at (888) 680-4466 or visit its website.

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