George Vondriska

Tape Measure Straight Edge

George Vondriska
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When you need an absolutely perfect, dead straight line, grab a straight edge. When you need a down and dirty straight line, grab your tape measure.

Yep, you can use your tape measure as a straight edge, with some limitations. Hook the tape on one edge of your project and pull on the other end so there’s tension on the tape. You can now run your pencil along the edge of tape, gently. If you put A LOT of lateral pressure against the tape you’re going to move it. But for many applications you don’t need a lot of lateral pressure.

This is my go-to approach when I’m “connecting the dots” so I can drive brads, staples or screws. I pull the tape off my belt, strike the line and get back to work, without ever leaving the bench to find a straight edge. Fast!!

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