George Vondriska

Mitres on the Router Table

George Vondriska
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Duration:   7  mins

Miter joints add a nice flair to a project such as a decorative box. The crisp lines and precision joinery give it an unmistakable endorsement of craftsmanship. Miter joints can be challenging to execute on a table saw or miter saw which are the most common tools that woodworkers use for this operation. There is another approach that allows the woodworker to take advantage of the precision machining of a router mounted in a router table.

As George demonstrates the process of creating precision miter joints on your router table, he will cover a few key tips that will help ensure your success:

Choose the right router bit for miters. There are many different router bits that have a 45 degree angle, but not all of them will be suited for your project. It will be important to understand the correct height of the bit based on the thickness of your material. Here is the bit used in this video.

Adjust height for perfect setup. You’ll need to get the bit height dialed in using some scrap material for test cuts before cutting your actual work pieces.

Align bearing with the fence. It is critical to get the fence positioned properly so that your miters will be cut accurately. You’ll see a simple approach for getting this right every time.

Cut depth is critical. Depth of cut is important to understand and control.

Undercut for efficiency. For thicker material, it is a good idea to remove some of the waste on the table saw prior to working at the router table. This will reduce the wear on your bit as well as your router.

After you’ve mastered making miters on your router table, use your new skill as part of one of your next woodworking projects.

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