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Kreg: Add Storage to Your Workbench

George Vondriska
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Duration:   36  mins

Workbenches with wooden tops and steel frames are great. They’re easy to assemble, can have casters added, are available in many different sizes and provide a quick way to get workbench space in your shop. The only problem with this style of workbench is that there’s no storage below the bench. Honestly, it’s kind of a waste of space. Till now.

This project adds A LOT of storage to your workbench. We’ll do this by building a cabinet and slipping it into the steel frame. The project, and the companion plan, was designed for Kreg’s 32” x 48” Universal Bench. Adapt the dimensions as needed for other workbenches. Be sure to download the PDF plan.

What it provides

You’re going to love the massive amount of additional storage the cabinet provides. Four pull out trays on full extension slides, a flip up shelf for extra horizontal workspace, easy access pencil and glue brush storage and an end cabinet that’ll work great for glue bottles and finish.


The cabinet is made from MDF specifically for its weight. Thanks to MDF the cabinet adds about 150 pounds to the bench. Heavy workbenches are a good thing.

More info

For more information on Kreg products visit their website or call (888) 447-8638


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One Response to “Kreg: Add Storage to Your Workbench”

  1. Jason

    Would like to know your thoughts on why the Kreg track saw was producing sawdust not captured by the dust collection?

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