George Vondriska

Make a Cheese Slicer

George Vondriska
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Duration:   7  mins

Who doesn’t love great cheese? It’s one of America’s favorite foods, so it only makes sense that you would create a beautiful slicer to cut your cheese on. This is a simple project that starts by selecting a beautiful piece of wood. You know that stack of cut-offs in the corner of your shop that has been accumulating for years because the pieces are just too nice to toss out? This is the perfect opportunity to use a bunch of those pieces as you make a batch of cheese slicers to have on hand for gift giving or for your own use. In other words, this project is a great way to turn your scrap pile into valuable inventory.

Here are a few aspects of this project for consideration before you get started:

Wood selection: A non-porous hardwood is ideal here because it will be durable and easy to keep clean. Curly maple was used in this video, which is ideal because it is beautiful and durable. Other good options might include birdseye maple, cherry, birch, figured walnut, or any other non-toxic hardwood that you have available.

Hardware: Choose a high quality stainless steel hardware kit for your application. You want your cheese slicer to remain beautiful for generations to come.

Finish: A clear food safe finish is your best bet here. Mineral oil, butcher block finish, walnut oil, or salad bowl finish would all be good choices for this project. Apply several coats to enhance the beauty and build up protection.

This project produces a perfect gift for a wedding, birthday, anniversary or holiday. Check out the other project videos and articles that WWGOA has to offer.

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