WWGOA LIVE: June 2017

Thanks for watching. We’re so happy to be coming to you with much better technology. Check out the great audio and video on this live stream. And, check out the great questions, turning to tablesaws, we covered a lot of ground. 1:21 Festool Domino 2:03 Proper length of fasteners 2:53 Setting a combination square 4:36… Read more »


WWGOA Live: May 2017

Thanks to Charlie Kocourek for helping out with this LIVE event. He did a great job, and was able to answer a lot of veneer related questions. He’s welcome back any time. 0:35 Intro of Charlie Kocourek 2:45 Routers that don’t have variable speed 4:45 Resawing, with demo on bandsaw 8:30 Determining what size screw… Read more »


WWGOA LIVE! April 2017

No April Fools joke, we had a great LIVE event. Check it out, and I’m sure you’ll be impresses with the improvement in quality. Yeah, we had a few audio glitches, but overall we’re happy to announce things look and sound MUCH better. 0:25 New technology for our Live streams! 1:22 How to size a… Read more »

Meet Mike Rapp of Mad Raven Woodworks

Mike Rapp of Mad Raven Woodworks is a 27-year-old craftsman who is bringing the art of handcrafted woodworking to his local community of Columbia, Missouri. Even though he is a relative newcomer to the woodworking scene, Mike’s talent and eye for design is clear in his meticulously-worked creations. What could be described as rustic-meets-modern, Mike’s… Read more »


WWGOA LIVE! March 2017

George was joined by his daughter, Meg, for the March WWGOA LIVE. She’s not a woodworking expert, but brought her great sense of humor along. It was a very fun session. 0:55 Stacked dado and tenons 1:45 Eval of Trend Air Shield Pro 3:07 Drill chuck for a router? 4:15 Woodworking vs carpentry 5:26 Digital… Read more »


WWGOA LIVE! February 2017

One of our best WWGOA Live shows ever. There were a lot of great questions, thanks to our wonderful viewers. From finish for lathe work to choices for outdoor woods, we covered a lot of ground. Thanks to all who tuned in. 0:43 Turning finishes 3:05 Mortise a leg before or after a taper 3:40… Read more »


WWGOA LIVE! January 2017

We had one little technical glitch, but overall the WWGOA Live went great. Thanks to those who joined us. Here’s what we covered. 0:45 Aspen cupped when sealed with water based finish 4:15 How smooth should tenons be? 7:13 Quartersawn four sides 13:46 Bandsaw box blanks 16:20 Reducing hose size on a shop vacuum 19:15… Read more »

In the Shop: Loom Sketches

Every once in a while we like to check in on the WWGOA editors to see what they’re up to in the shop. Here’s your chance to get to know the faces and personalities behind WWGOA and take a peek into their own worlds. I get a few commissions – the latest is from my… Read more »

9 Last-Minute Woodworking Gift Ideas

If you’re in need of a last minute gift idea, then put your woodworking talents to use and handcraft something valuable. For inspiration, we have compiled a collection of nine woodworking projects perfect for gifting when you don’t have a lot of time. These step-by-step demonstrations provide all the information you need to whip up… Read more »

Meet the Woodworker: Charlie Kocourek

Meet Charlie Kocourek, winner of the “Best Furniture Making Blog” and “Best Cabinet Making Blog” categories in the 2016 WWGOA Blogger Awards! This October, WWGOA hosted a competition dedicated entirely to all those talented woodworkers out there who share their work with the blogosphere. We asked you to nominate and vote for your favorite bloggers,… Read more »