Solvent-Resistant Spritz Bottles

Shop solvents commonly come in large containers that aren’t very convenient. Maybe you got a brand-new tool (yeah!) and you need to clean all the schmutz off the surfaces. Naphtha works wonders.

Perhaps you want to wet the grain of a piece of wood to get a preview of how it looks or check for glue residue. Using mineral spirits is a great way to do so.

But wouldn’t it be handy to have a spray bottle you can use to put the solvent exactly where you want it? Unfortunately, many spray bottles will quickly deteriorate if you use them for solvents.

Spraymaster bottles

These Spraymaster bottles ($17.64 each) are robust enough to tolerate most solvents. If you’re like me and know you’re going to use a bunch of them, you can save some dough by purchasing a six-pack for $78.

Labeled spray master bottles

A label spot is included on the bottles so you can clearly identify what’s in each one, and the adjustable nozzle allows you to spray out a fine mist or a concentrated stream.

pouring a liquid into a spray master bottle

Now, grab a funnel and start filling! These spray bottles are a great problem solver, making it a lot easier to handle solvents in your shop and get the liquid exactly where you need it (and only where you need it).

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15 Responses to “Solvent-Resistant Spritz Bottles”

  1. bahnjee

    I’ve often wanted such a spray bottle so I was little excited… until I saw that stupid-high price. No thanks.

  2. Bill Corrigan

    Are you sure you want to spray these chemicals in the air you're breathing? What about their explosive properties? When they are in a mist, don't the health and potential issues change significantly? Respirator?

  3. Jeff Kaeser

    Great idea if they came in a smaller size and a smaller price.

  4. Constant

    57$ each on Whaaaa? U kidding? 57$ each ????

  5. Paul

    (Nalgene) HDPE is not appropriate for storage of mineral spirits or lacquer thinner. This suggests a reason for some of the negative reviews on Amazon

  6. Brian Nystrom

    I rarely, if ever, need to spray solvents, in most cases, I'm using rags or paper towels. For that, I use solvent dispensers similar to these:

  7. Edward Purcell

    this is a good idea, but the price is really bad, somebody would have to be really hard up for these to pay that much for them, you should find the same idea with a better price for your customers.

  8. Joe Schmo

    I got some from Ebay for $7.99 free shipping.

  9. PERRY L

    Home Depot has a 3-pack of chemical & solvent resistant spray bottles (Harris brand, 32 oz.) for under $18.

  10. Gary Burg

    Does it also work for MEK, Acetone, Toluene and brush cleaner?