2021 AWFS Student Competition

One of my favorite parts of attending the Association of Woodworking and Furnishings Suppliers (AWFS) Fair every two years is walking through the Fresh Wood Student Competition to check out the amazing pieces that students are making.

Entries come from high school and post-secondary students. The students enter by submitting photos of their work, and pieces are then selected by a group of judges to come to the AWFS Fair. Pieces are on display for attendees and are presented with awards for exceptional work.

Here are the student pieces from AWFS 2021.

1. The Truman Table

The Truman Table Shaun Belliveau-Thompson
Shaun Belliveau-Thompson
Nelson, BC


2. Zig-Zag Stardust Coffee Table
Zig-Zag Stardust Coffee Table Aleasha Carr
Aleasha Carr
Nelson, BC


3. Flying Table
Flying Table Jinsoo Kim
Jinsoo Kim
Rockport, ME


4. Joined Arts and Crafts Chair in Walnut and Leather
Joined Arts and Crafts Chair in Walnut and Leather Daniel Osach
Daniel Osach
Boston, MA


5. Queen Anne Chair
Queen Anne Chair Joseph Thibeault
Joseph Thibeault
Boston, MA


6. Harp Back Chair
Harp Back Chair Avrom Tobin
Avrom Tobin
Boston, MA


7. Adirondack Chair
Adirondack Chair David Olson
David Olson
Hammond, WI


8. Arches Sideboard
Arches Sideboard Glen Gordon
Glen Gordon
Rockport, ME


9. Best of Show: Sideboard with a Void
Sideboard with a Void Jinsoo Kim
Jinsoo Kim
Rockport, ME


10. Sundown
Sundown Katie Farnsworth
Katie Farnsworth
Draper, UT


11. Nest
Nest Mohammed Al-Yaseen
Mohammed Al-Yaseen
Lincoln, NE


12. Blue Grace
Blue Grace Savannah Richards
Savannah Richards
Draper, UT


13. Some Assembly Required
Some Assembly Required Mohammed Al-Yaseen
Mohammed Al-Yaseen
Lincoln, NE


14. Lumbarest
Lumbarest Josiah Mills
Josiah Mills
Lincoln, NE


15. Abulafia Lectern
Abulafia Lectern Dotan Appelbaum
Dotan Appelbaum
Rockport, ME


16. Revolution Mirror
Revolution Mirror Susan Koloski
Susan Koloski
Buffalo, NY

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