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347 Responses to “Show Us Your Project”

  1. Donald Jares

    My next project is going to be wrap around shelving for our pantry. Hoping to make something my wife will like so she lets me continue my woodworking hobby.

  2. Tim Williams

    Wife wanted something to hang in the lanai.

  3. joseph

    Cross for my Church.

  4. Bill C

    Thank you!

  5. Bill

    Took a while, but completed la long- term project, a cedar strip canoe. Learned ups and downs of working with fiberglass cloth and resin, caning too. And she floated.

  6. Don Lamothe

    Very interested in how you made the Keyboard cutting board. Stain? Is it food safe?...

  7. Mark Hilt

    very nice i am about to make 2 kinda like these for my 2 grandsons

  8. Jim LaRue

    Adaptation of June/July 2018 Front Cover: Vol. 40 / No. 237. Hickory and Beaded Board

  9. Gail Dean Rector

    Live edge cherry that I’ve milled.

  10. Doug

    Made from walnut, Holly, ebony, aspen, bloodwood