Get Organized with Magnetic Trays

It’s always good to be organized in your shop. These magnetic trays are great for keeping tools you need close by for easy access.

red magnetic trays

These magnetic trays are a great problem solver for keeping stuff you need close by for easy access. The kit includes four sizes: 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12” long.

magnetic tray attached to a tool

On my jointer, I keep a push stick and push pad at hand.

magnetic tray on a planer holding a tape measure and small remote

The tray on my planer holds a tape measure and the remote for my dust collector.

calipers in a metal tray on a drum sander

Drum sander? I like having my digital calipers handy.

calipers in a metal tray on a lathe

My calipers live in the tray on my lathe.

These trays are a nice solution to keep your essentials within reach. While they may not successfully stay in place if you put a two-pound hammer in the tray, they do work very well for the stuff I’ve shown in these photos. You’ll have to empty out random chips and sawdust from them periodically, but that’s a small price to pay for the convenience they offer.

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3 Responses to “Get Organized with Magnetic Trays”

  1. Paul Murphy

    great to have needed wrenches etc, nearby when working on a machine that might need a adjustment

  2. Randy Joseph Silha

    I like to see the helpful hints

  3. CJ BrockusRapp

    you can get the trays for 13$ at harbor freight and the add on folding tray for 29$