Ask WWGOA: Bread Board Ends Pinned

bread baord ends pinned

If you are doing breadboard ends on a project that will only be viewed from one side, say perhaps a sofa table or hall table that you never see the back side of the top with any regularity, could you glue instead the front third or so, so that you don’t get the misalignment of the front breadboard and field on a regular basis? Or would that lead to cracking, and/or misalignment still?

My recommended approach here would depend on how wide the end of the table is. If it is a narrow table, say, less than 15″ deep, then I’d glue the front half, and leave the back half without glue. If it is wider than that, then you will leave too long of a section at the end of the joint unglued and you might experience a separation of the breadboard end from the main panel, leaving an unsightly gap in the joint. If it is wider than that you could pin the joint instead of gluing the joint. See the drawing below. The pin going through the non-elongated hole would be at the front edge of the table.

bread baord ends pinned

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9 Responses to “Ask WWGOA: Bread Board Ends Pinned”

  1. Lyle Mulkins

    What is the formula for the 5 cut method for fence alignment?

  2. Bill

    Could you not have "narrow" holes going through the ends to accept pins and elongated holes in the breadboard itself? This would permit the breadboard to expand/contract and effectively sliding withing the end caps.

  3. John

    Hi George,my little problem is probably very simple, I that it,s been done a million times before! and that is how To make separate handle for breadboard in the shape of a spear head,similar to a cricket bat con struction

  4. Buford Mobley

    I'm building your "Elegant Bedside Table" and had a question. It would be easier for me to use 2 dominos on each rail ( 1 on the smaller front rails) instead of doing the mortise and tenon setup on my router. Would that work as well or do I need the larger joint? Thanks.

  5. tom

    stylish stool are the upper and lower rails 3/4 iinch thick like the top

  6. alonsodc4

    Can i use in dinner table

  7. Dennis St John

    covering scratches and slite dents on a table that has 5 coats of polyurethane on it.

  8. Ed & Sharon

    I am a new member and just checking out the site.

  9. Ronald Shane

    How do you make a small elongated or rectangular hole?