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George, you made a pair of Kitchen Tongs, where do you purchase maple or cherry wood 1 1/8″ thick?

Submitted by Terry


In my area, Wisconsin, it’s pretty easy for me to get hardwoods that are 5/4” (1-1/4”) and 8/4” (2”) thick from my hardwood supplier.

I did a Google search for “wood turning blanks” and there were lots of matches. Turning blanks will be thick so, if you can’t find a hardwood supplier in your area, you can order turning blanks to get thick stock.


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One Response to “Ask WWGOA: Maple and Cherry Wood”

  1. diane

    George,I am brand new to woodworking. What basic tools (power and stationary) would you suggest to get started? I have none. Also, which would be ok to buy used vs new? I have a limited budget. Thank you for your great videos!