Ask WWGOA: Cutting MDF

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What should I use to cut MDF wood?

Submitted by Richard W.

This video provides some info on table saw blades. A triple chip blade is best for mdf and other abrasive materials, like particle board.


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3 Responses to “Ask WWGOA: Cutting MDF”

  1. Allan

    Will a diamond blade (.023 kerf) cut 3/32 slits in walnut that are cross cut for guitar fret board. I have 5/8 arbor on 10 inch table saw. Will a 4" blade fit on a 10 inch table saw (with proper arbor)?

  2. Barry

    Opps. Missed the answer. Please ignore the question. Sorry

  3. Barry

    For other man made products like melamine and MDF are these the best blade for those products?