Char Miller-King

Safely Setting Your Table Saw Blade Height

Char Miller-King
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Duration:   2  mins

Setting your table saw blade height is an important step prior to making any cuts. Table saw blades have a tooth geometry that is engineered to deliver ongoing performance throughout the life of the blade. Some of the attributes that have been carefully engineered include blade diameter, thickness, tooth geometry, gullet spacing, material characteristics, etc.

In order to take advantage of the engineering that goes into your saw blade you have to use it properly. One of the important steps is to correctly set the height of your blade relative to the thickness of the material that you are cutting.

Before focusing on setting your table saw blade height, be sure that you know how to properly use your table saw according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Then, use the information provided by Char in this video to set your table saw blade height. Once you have set your table saw blade height appropriately, you are more likely to experience the following:

Safe Cutting. The correct blade height will reduce the chances of a dangerous kickback, or other dangerous situations that can arise when improperly using a saw.

Quality Edge. With properly set table saw blade height you will notice a higher quality surface that requires less sanding or planing.

Blade Longevity. An improperly set blade height can create excessive heat, which can lead to accelerated wear on a table saw blade. By dialing in the table saw blade height to a position that can dissipate heat, your blade will run cooler and will be less susceptible to distortion and dulling.

Follow along as Char shares her words of wisdom to help you carefully set the height of your table saw blade. After the table saw blade height is set correctly, but sure to follow all of the other safety procedures that go along with proper table saw use.

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