George Vondriska

Installing Euro Hardware

George Vondriska
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Duration:   6  mins

Euro hardware, also called cup or concealed hinges, are great for a bunch of reasons:

  • You can’t see the hinge from the outside of the cabinet
  • The hinges provide lots of adjustment
  • The case and door components can be unclipped, so you can easily remove the door

It’s very important that the hinges are installed correctly. The hole drilled for the hinge must be exactly the right distance from the edge of the door. This is called the cup distance. The depth of the hole has to be just right. And the predrilled holes for the hinge mounting screws need to be in the right spot. Kreg’s Concealed Hinge Jig checks all of these boxes. Add a self-adjusting clamp to securely hold the jig in place while you’re drilling the holes.

Installing the door

Once the hinges are on the door, you’re ready to hang the door on your cabinet. This can be tricky, requiring more hands than most humans have. :) Kreg’s Cabinet Door Mounting Jig simplifies this process, a lot. The jig gives you a ledge you can set the door on while you’re locating the brackets in the cabinet. The overlay of the door, how much larger it is than the opening, can be adjusted on the jig. Simple.


Once the door is installed the hinges can be adjusted in three directions; left and right, up and down, in and out. Making the adjustments isn’t difficult, but there are some tricks that’ll help you.

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