Jess Crow

Making a Wood Bowl with Resin Accents

Jess Crow
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Duration:   19  mins

There are lots of things to like about bowl turning. It provides pretty fast gratification, offers lots of room for creativity, and requires tools that don’t take up too much space. In this video, we’re going to take bowl creativity one step further. With help from resin expert Jess Crow we’ll be adding a beautiful resin accent to the bowl bottom resulting in not just a bowl, but a wood bowl with resin.

The lathe

We’ll be doing the work on a Laguna 1216 lathe. This size lathe is great for lots of bowl and spindle work; small enough that it doesn’t take up much space in your shop, but large enough to let you do the work you want to do. It has electronic variable speed, which makes it easy to fine tune the lathe rpms to the work you’re doing.

The resin

Jess will be using MakerPoxy to create the resin accent in the bowl. She adds color to the resin by using Mixol dye. She’ll take you through the process, step by step.

More about resin

Resin can add A LOT to your woodworking projects. You can use it to create accents, like we’ve done here and, with a little creativity, do lots of other things, too. Have a look at WWGOA’s resin-related content.

More info

For more info on the Laguna lathe and other products visit

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4 Responses to “Making a Wood Bowl with Resin Accents”

  1. Cameron

    Where do you find your epoxy?

  2. tunnis

    I think you should list epoxy product number for this project. Because by looking at the computer screen I can not find what color that i really need.

  3. David Kuhlmann

    Can you tell me the exact Mixol color products you used, the mica powder, and the white titanium oxide?

  4. mikek

    Thank you George, having been a traditional turner for years I relish new ideas for thinking off the lathe.

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