George Vondriska

Gluing Countertop Material for Turning

George Vondriska
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Duration:   5  mins

Solid countertop material is excellent for turning bowls and other projects on a lathe, but it’s important to properly glue together multiple layers before you start turning. The key is using the right glue. George Vondriska teaches you how to use CA glue from Titebond to create a tight, seamless seal that will last forever when gluing countertop material.

Titebond CA Glue provided by Titebond. For more information, visit

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4 Responses to “Gluing Countertop Material for Turning”

  1. John

    Seems like you really only need the glue around the outside of the layers. Would that work or do you need the entire surface covered on all layers for safety reasons later on the lathe?

  2. Gary Zellner

    Thanks Ed, Very interesting. Do you use the same wood turning tools for this solid counter top material?

  3. WWGOA

    The clamps are Jorgensen Gear Clamps If you do an internet search you'll find them at a variety of retailers. You can watch this video http://local.wordpress/video/003... to get a little more info on the turning process. I mount the blank by gluing a hardwood board to the ccountertop material, using CA glue. I bore a hole in the hardwood that accepts the jaws of my chuck. You can cut the hardwood off later. Thanks, George

  4. Ed

    I'm impressed with the clamps you use in this and other videos. Can you tell me more about them? Also, do you have other info on the website regarding mounting and turning this counter top material?

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