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Build a Wood Box Storage System

WWGOA Editors
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Duration:   2  mins

Who doesn’t need some box storage in their shop? And who doesn’t feel like their shop could be better organized? We all seem to accumulate a bit of clutter at times, and sometimes we have to admit that we spend more time looking for things in our shop than actually building our projects. Here we provide you with some simple instructions on how to build a simple wood box storage system that you can use in your shop to organize all of the small parts, jigs, screws, nails, biscuits, dowels, and other miscellaneous items that are forever getting lost or scrambled.

Building a box storage for your system is one of the simplest projects that you will ever make, and you’ll get years of use from it. Some of the advantages of building this wood box storage system include:

Find what you need when you need it. How often have you dug through drawers and shirt pockets, looked underneath your bench, and scrambled all over the place looking for something that should have been easy to find? Those days will be over.

Your shop will be easier to clean. Sweeping and vacuuming a shop that is littered with parts and supplies is tricky, and you can never get it fully clean if it’s cluttered. Having everything tucked away in box storage will make it easier than ever to clean your shop.

You won’t buy something only to find later that you already had plenty on hand. Don’t you just hate it when you stop working in the shop and go to the store to buy what you need, only to get back to the shop and find that you had simply misplaced your supply? Never again.

And while you’re organizing your small pieces, why not also build some cool storage for your woodworking magazine collection?

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