George Vondriska

DIY Bottle Opener Handle

George Vondriska
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Duration:   21  mins

This is such a fun project, and it’s something that lots of people will like. That means it’s a great gift, or it’s something you can make and sell to help monetize your woodworking hobby.


One of the distinctive features of the handle is what looks like a very complex inlay. Once the handle is turned, everyone will wonder how you got that stripe into the handle. Don’t sweat it. It’s very easy to do. And we won’t give away the simple secret. Well, except to y


The opener components

To make the bottle opener, you’ll need a bottle opener kit. These are available from a variety of sources. If you look around the web you’ll find some kits that don’t use a threaded insert like the kit we use in the video does. Kits without an insert are fine. Some sources suggest using a mandrel for the turning. Check with the retailer you get your kit from.

Lathe work

This is a fairly simple spindle turning project. You’ll need a chuck to mount the blank in, and a drill chuck you can mount in your tail stock to drill the hole for the opener kit.


Have you ever used cyanoacrylate glue as a finish? If not, we’ll show you how. It provides an almost plastic-like finish, which is great for a wooden item that might be touched by wet hands. There are a few tricks to getting a smooth and shiny finish. We’ll pass them along.

More great projects

If turning isn’t your thing you can still make a unique bottle opener. We’ll provide you with all the how-to you need. And when you’re ready to do more than bottle openers, keep us in mind. A little searching on and you’ll find more woodworking projects.

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5 Responses to “DIY Bottle Opener Handle”

  1. Patrick Patterson

    Why use 3 plies of 1/2" instead of 2 3/4" Liked the video.

  2. Michael Casebolt

    Where do I find plans for turned bottle opener ?

  3. careyrmitchell

    I have used CA as a finish for pens and some bottle openers, as well as for a couple of small bowls. A word of caution: Using CA for larger projects such as this releases fumes that are highly irritating, causing a dry cough that persists for several days (don't ask me how I know). Repeated exposure may result in sensitization in some people. Good ventilation is absolutely essential.

  4. Floyd Olden

    Can you polish the ca glue finish or will the friction perhaps make it a mess ?

  5. Philip Works

    What is the lathe you are using?

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