George Vondriska

Barnboard Quilt Project

George Vondriska
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Duration:   18:32   mins

Barnboard quilts are VERY fun projects. The idea is to make a wooden representation of a traditional quilt square. Historically, some people think that hanging a barn quilt on a building will bring good luck and prosperity. This is a great woodworking project.

The Design

There are lots of options for a barnboard quilt design. You can search the web for quilt patterns or barn quilt patterns (use the images option) and use those as a jumping off point for your project. Or, you can use the plan we provided and build a barn quilt just like the one George made.


Although we’re calling this a barnboard quilt, don’t feel like you MUST use barnboard for yours. The video provides you with other material options.

Bringing it all together

The barn quilt George made will be hanging outside, so it’s held together with Titebond III. We provide you with background on glues to help you make the right decision about what adhesive to use for your quilt.

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4 Responses to “Barnboard Quilt Project”

  1. Christopher Hawkins

    Very cool idea. I live in an old farm house and this gives me a great idea for a cutting board based on your design.

  2. Bruce Boone

    In your dimensions for the barnwood quilt shouldn’t C be the same dimensions as A? LTS? I apologize if I am confused. I’m going to try this with different species and different thicknesses.

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