Barnboard Quilt Photo Contest

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30 Responses to “Barnboard Quilt Photo Contest”
  1. Eva Martin
    Eva Martin

    This is NOT a barnyard quilt, but a box I made from a quilt pattern with Titebond glue

  2. Donald Carlin
    Donald Carlin

    Made this quilt from scrap wood left over from our remodel project. It is on our accent wall and ties all the colors together.

  3. John Finocchi
    John Finocchi

    Im having trouble getting a good clean edge to result in a good tight fit for glue ups

  4. Douglas Wathen
    Douglas Wathen

    20″ x 20″ , Dark wood is Heat treated ASH left over from a checker board adventure, Light wood is Pine shipping brace from oak wine barrels, The Red wood is African Mahogany salvaged from hard wood shipping dunage. Side note: the backer board was the cash register counter top from an ACE hardware that went out of business.

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  5. Edward Rytych
    Edward Rytych

    Thanks for the chance to win and show off my work. I am looking forward to seeing all the fine projects!

  6. John Merkley
    John Merkley

    I have enjoyed finding a quilt block and trying to create the block in wood. I used pieces of waste-wood, which I never throw away, and was quite surprised at how it turned out. I chose a simple rectangular block so it wouldn’t be too hard. I am a novice woodworker but love to putter in this material in my old age. Thank you.

  7. Kent Lewis
    Kent Lewis

    I made this quilt using pallet wood that I salvaged from a set I built for a middle school play plus one additional unpainted pallet that I salvaged.