George Vondriska

Build a Rolling Vac/Dustopper Cabinet

George Vondriska
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Duration:   8  mins

Keeping your shop clean and tidy is a great idea not just from a housekeeping perspective, but also from a health perspective. You don’t want dust going into your lungs. Even if you don’t adversely react to it now, you could in the future. The negative effects are cumulative.

Clean is good, but…

If you’ve been using a shop vacuum to keep your shop clean, you may have run into this issue; as you use your vac its performance drops off. If you’re using a wand to clean the floor, you find that the wand isn’t picking up like it did previously. If you’ve connected your vac to a tool you find that you’re no longer effectively grabbing dust at the tool. This is most likely caused by the vac’s filter clogging with the dust you’re collecting. Air can’t get into the vac if it can’t get out, so a clogged filter rapidly causes a drop in performance.

A solution

This is where the Dustopper comes into play. Put it inline with your vac and its cyclonic action puts lots of dust into a 5 gallon bucket before it gets to your vac’s filter. This keeps your vac at peak performance longer.

Dynamic duo

Since your vac and the Dustopper need to be together to work, we’ve designed a convenient cabinet that will house them both. It’s on wheels, so you can move the cabinet around your shop as you’re cleaning. It also has a large top that you can use as a work surface. This is very convenient when you’re using portable power tools, like sanders, and you want them hooked up to your vac.

Duststopper Vacuum Cabinet Plan Download

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More info

For more information on the Dustopper visit

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5 Responses to “Build a Rolling Vac/Dustopper Cabinet”

  1. Gene Baska

    This is my 4th project. The cart appears very practical. I have a contractor table saw with limited table space. I will build this cart so it is the same height as the table so I can use it as a catch table (39" high). Added a shelf just above the vacuum to store table saw items. Any thoughts or suggestions?

  2. Harry Levinson

    What were those nifty black braces on the floor to steady the top cross members while assembling. They look handy for assembly.

  3. vogelbeine

    How much shop vac power is required to power a dust collection system (a roll-around type)?


    Could you use 3/4" Melamine instead of plywood?

  5. Walter Basnight

    Looks very practical, especially for a small shop.

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