George Vondriska

How to Install Crown Molding on Cabinets

George Vondriska
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Duration:   6  mins

As you learn how to build cabinets, you’ll look for ways to dress up the basic wooden box. One surefire upgrade is installing crown molding. This video teaches you how to install crown molding on cabinets with clever tricks and tips it would take you years to learn on your own.

Watch this video, and even your first crown molding installation will look neat and professional.


Crown molding that sits atop kitchen cabinets gives them a solid, finished look. For strength and stability, gussets are added to the top. You don’t want this molding to pull off the cabinet if someone pulls or pushes on it when moving the cabinet, for example. Learn how to angle-cut the gussets and where to locate them on the top of the cabinet.

Helping Hand

It can be difficult to install trim pieces like crown molding when you’re working alone. Our trick comes in very handy as you learn how to install crown molding on cabinets, and you’ll find lots of other uses for it when you’re assembling furniture projects.

Transfer Measurements

Discover the best way to ensure perfect-fitting miters. Hint: It was nothing to do with your ruler or tape measure.


It’s important to choose the right glue as you learn how to install crown molding on cabinets. You don’t want drips, runs, and squeeze-out, so a thick glue is recommended. Watch to learn the best method for applying the glue to kitchen cabinet crown molding.

Finishing Touches

Fasten the crown molding to the top of the cabinet (we used a brad nailer). Then stand back and look at your crowning achievement.

Titebond No Run, No Drip Wood Glue provided by Titebond. For more information, visit

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12 Responses to “How to Install Crown Molding on Cabinets”

  1. Bruce A Pariseau

    This was a disappointment coming frong fro the guild. Tje laying flat method of cutting tje crown on a compound miter saw with the appropriate angles would be the modern way of cutting, rather than the cumbersome, less accurate, upside down, backwards method, not even discribed here.

  2. Ruben

    Useless what angle is he using?

  3. Doug Williams

    I agree with one of the suggestions...clamp a block to the face of the cabinet on the other end, to rest the crown on while your measuring/gluing/nailing. That especially prevents smearing glue on the cabinet face. The other point is: if this happened to be a repair of an antique cabinet, the glue used would most likely been hide glue. It would be good to use the same kind. Old Brown Glue can be bought, which has urea in it, to keep it liquid. It works great.

  4. Lynn Hildebrand

    Crown molding and gusset angles would be a big improvement to the video.

  5. Oldporkchops

    Thanks for this very helpful video. Could you please comment on whether it is advisable to apply wood finish (lacquer, stain, etc) before or after cutting and assembly?

  6. Nancy J

    I watched the video "how to install crown molding on cabinets" it's great. But what I need is paper drawings or plans on how to do it so I can take it into my shop in the garage. Does WWGOA have such a thing and if so where should I look? Can you help me and if you can email me at Yours truly, Nancy

  7. David

    Not much information on creating "Gussets" ie making them and how to fasten them?

  8. larrybud

    Any idea on what to do to the top of this when cabinets are installed in an open floor plan, and the top of the cabinets can be seen?

  9. Mitch

    This video could have been much more informative if the person explained the compound angles needed for each of the 90* corners. Since the molding does not lay flat against the cabinet, it is much more complicated to get the angles correct. This is my weak point in installing crown molding.

  10. fuzznarf

    two things.. you still got glue on the face of the cabinet while positioning the crown. and a note to the web designer. Move the video left or move the social media buttons somewhere else. Very annoying.

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