George Vondriska

Coiling a Bandsaw Blade

George Vondriska
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Duration:   1  mins

George Vondriska demonstrates how to properly coil and store a large band saw blade for DIY woodworking projects. A WoodWorkers Guild of America (WWGOA) original video.

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9 Responses to “Coiling a Bandsaw Blade”

  1. Paul Traue

    This is basically the same procedure that you use to coil an automotive (or for other applications) v-belt (fan belt). Only a v-belt does not have teeth, but you might your hands dirty from a v-belt.

  2. Cmac

    I was reading a story about logging and the mills taking the logs for sawing into lumber. They told of a mill in the Pacific NW that had one of the big industrial blades get loose and go bounding around the mill. When it came to rest they just concreted it in place and left it there.

  3. cusafeman

    I like to use a twist tie instead of tape to store my folded blades - easy to apply/remove and no residue.

  4. Fraser Munro

    How easy was that? Great tip!

  5. Cy Galley

    You can also do the coiling a second time on longer blades which will give you 5 coils instead of the 3.

  6. David

    Hello George, how about direction of teeth and wear gloves and use 3/4 in. Mini Spring Clamps from box store HD instead of tape? Thanks for all ya do.

  7. yutaka mori

    I watched several coiling videos on youtube, but I think this is the best way. Unfortunately the video quality is too bad.

  8. Dennis Alstott

    Does the tape reside affect the blade when it's back in operation? Should we use some type cleaner to make sure the masking tape is completely remove?

  9. Matthew

    Have you ever had the tape fail and have that coiled blade spring out?

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