George Vondriska

Circle Jig on the Bandsaw

George Vondriska
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Duration:   6  mins

George Vondriska shows his shop-made circle jig solution for cutting a perfect circle on a band saw. A WoodWorkers Guild of America original video.

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18 Responses to “Circle Jig on the Bandsaw”

  1. Ted King

    It would be good to know what machine and blade size your using

  2. Robert J Manwell

    What keeps the sliding circle center positioner from dropping out from the underside of the jig?

  3. millerge

    Is it possible to get the drawings and dimensions for constructing the circle jig for the bandsaw? Thanks

  4. Hyrum

    Excellent jig. I have one I made myself but it doesn't work well. This video showed me what I was doing wrong. I'm just going to use your idea and build me a new one. Thanks


    Where do you get the plans for this jig

  6. George McMillan

    Is there a plan or dimensions available for this?

  7. Michael Bouchier

    Do you lock the Slider when cutting the circle?

  8. Samuel Marrero

    Outstanding idea. Any possibility to have a copy of the plan. And the one for the route as a player.

  9. Samuel Marrero

    Is there any way to have a copy of the plan for me to built one for my small Craftsman band saw. I will be appreciated. It is a great idea.

  10. Mark Bauer

    I like to keep a wide blade in my bandsaw for resawing and straight cuts. It there a limit to the radius that can be cut with certain blades?

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