George Vondriska

Bandsaw Resawing

George Vondriska
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Duration:   4  mins

George Vondriska provides instruction on how to select the proper side of the wood to cut a veneer, and which band saw blade will help you cut a great piece of veneer for your woodworking projects. A WoodWorkers Guild of America (WWGOA) original video.

Band saw blade provided by PS Wood Machines. For more information, visit

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5 Responses to “Bandsaw Resawing”

  1. Meryl Logue

    I gotta say, this channel more than earns my dollars. Easy to view. Easy to use. Great content. If some is too beginner, I still find value. Thanks you all!

  2. Duane

    Where can I get the hearing protection that u r using?

  3. Tony Mandle

    George, I have a 14" Band saw and recently put a 6" extension on it to be able to re-saw wood so I can do some bookend matching. I am using 2" x 8" red oak half sawed and trying to saw it down the middle to make some 1" x 8" planks. However the initial flat planks have so much internal stress in the wood I am having a terrible time sawing the wood. Once sawed the planks are both cupped and bent. Wondering what my options are. Is there any way to flatten this wood other than to do more cuts and then jointing. Do you think steaming and then weighting them to dry would help here? A video of this problem would be wonderful.

  4. rl2thdr

    Which bandsaw blade is he using on this? I googled “low tension band saw blades” and nothing says low tension

  5. ezgoing

    George, in another re-sawing clip I saw a little bit ago, you suggested to 'always mark your cut line when re-sawing', but I notice on this one, there is no mark visible... any reason for this?

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