George Vondriska

Benefits of Using Small Blades on Band Saw Projects

George Vondriska
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Duration:   7  mins


Next time you have more delicate cuts to make, use your band saw. George Vondriska shows how to make more delicate cuts on a band saw by using small blades. He quickly makes a band saw box while showing us the advantages of using a 3/16″ blade. He also uses an 1/8″ blade while cutting tight corners in a piece of red oak and then finally, how small blades can be used to cut non-ferrous metals. Use these helpful woodworking tips when starting any band saw projects.

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2 Responses to “Benefits of Using Small Blades on Band Saw Projects”

  1. kai

    Hello, I am a 6-12 grade shop teacher. I have a Grizzly 17" bandsaw I run with a 1/2" blade on for general purpose. I need another smaller saw for more intricate work- a sw ai can keep a 3/16 blde on for bandsaw boxes etc. What do you think ai should buy that will hold up to tons of abuse, stay true, good safety features and within $700-1000. Thank you.

  2. charlieek

    would the 1/8 in blade be OK to use for the box

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