George Vondriska

Choosing the Right Scroll Saw Blades

George Vondriska
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Duration:   10  mins

There are a variety of scroll saw blades available for scroll saws, and George Vondriska explains the difference between 5 of the most popular scroll saw blades including the #2, #5, #7, #9 and #12. He discusses the benefits of each blade and what types of projects each blade works best for.

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6 Responses to “Choosing the Right Scroll Saw Blades”

  1. Scott L

    I enjoyed watching George’s video on scroll saw blades. First question I have is what kind of scroll saw is he using? It looks a lot bigger than mine. Also, what about other types of blades like the spiral blades? I watch one You Tube video where the gentleman was using a blade that had three for cutting on down stroke and then two teeth cutting on the upstroke, what kind of blade would that be.

    • WWGOA Team

      It is better to have it cut on the down stroke because it will pull it down to the table surface. If you are cutting on the upstroke it will lift the piece off the table as it cuts, causing vibration.

  2. Harry E

    thank you for explaining the blades. I’ve never used a scroll saw before how do you change the blades????

    • WWGOA Team

      This depends on the specific machine that you have, but in general there is a mechanism to secure the blade at both the top and bottom, and to remove a blade you would de- tension the blade (there is normally a lever near the top of the machine for this), and then loosen the gripping mechanism at both top and bottom to remove the blade. Installing is simply doing these steps in reverse. There are subtle differences from machine to machine, so it is best to look at the owners manual for your specific saw before installing/removing blades.

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