George Vondriska

Adjustable Shelves that Won’t Slip

George Vondriska
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Duration:   2  mins

Adjustable shelves provide great flexibility, allowing you to set up the shelf heights for a particular set of items to be placed on them, and then giving you the option of re-configuring the adjustable shelves later when different items are stored on them.

Adjustable shelves are commonly created by drilling a series of aligned holes in the vertical members of a shelving unit, and inserting pins to support the shelves. This works well in most applications, but sometimes there is concern over the risk of the adjustable shelves slipping off of the shelf pins. This risk might be the result of vibration, such as a situation where the shelving unit is being transported or part of a mobile structure. It could also be a shelf that is frequently used in a hostile setting.

Whatever the cause of the risk, it is important to prevent the adjustable shelves from sliding forward and having the contents emptied onto the floor, or worse, on the unwitting person who was accessing the contents. George has come up with a technique for securing adjustable shelves that has the following characteristics:

Easy to install and adjust. George’s technique for securing adjustable shelves keeps the process simple for installing shelves and adjusting the height. This approach is just as easy as the approach for installing traditional pins.

Inexpensive. This approach uses a common material that is available at hardware stores, home centers, and online retailers.

Durable. When you set up your adjustable shelves this way, you will never have to worry about the system failing, as it will be rock solid and will hold up in even the most hostile environment.

Invisible. This approach cleverly keeps the shelf pins invisible, making it appear that the adjustable shelves are floating.

If your adjustable shelf application has some risk of the shelves sliding off the pins, give this approach a try.

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