Elisha Albretsen

Make New Wood Look Old

Elisha Albretsen
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Duration:   8  mins

Although you might be working with new wood, sometimes you want to make a project look as though it was exposed to elements for years. Patina can add visual interest as well as monetary value to a piece, but can be challenging to produce using commercial products. How can you make new wood look old without setting it outside for a few years? George and Elisha “The Pneumatic Addict” show an approach to help you make new wood look old.

Elisha demonstrates her approach to make new wood look old, which consists of a few simple steps:

Texture. There are various ways to apply a texture to wood to give it the appearance of having “been around the block a few times.” Elisha demonstrates using a tool that is purpose-built for this application, and gives you the ability to apply a subtle or dramatic weathered surface effect.

Color. Elisha uses a chemical compound to apply a natural weathered appearance to help make new wood look old. This combines nicely with the texturing on the wood as the compound soaks more deeply into the scratched surface, providing some additional visual contrast.

Customize. Elisha recommends experimenting to further extend the patina, using such approaches as whitewash or glaze. Another option is add some additional texturing after the color has been applied, to simulate some variation in the aging process.

If you want to make new wood look old, the video explains some basics and gives you a good jumping-off point. From there you can experiment and find your own “secret recipe” for how to make new wood look old. As you explore variations on this process, you might want to look at the approach for how to ebonize wood, which can also add an interesting aspect to your project.

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