Elisha Albretsen

Meet Elisha Albretsen (Pneumatic Addict)

Elisha Albretsen
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Duration:   3  mins

I’ve known Elisha Albretsen for quite a while, and I’m thrilled that we finally got our schedules coordinated so she could come to my shop for a video shoot.

Elisha’s builds

I really like the accessibility of Elisha’s woodworking projects, and I think you will, too. She frequently uses readily available, everyday material for her projects—stuff you can commonly get at a home center. Additionally, you won’t have any trouble recognizing the tools Elisha uses. Her collection of tools resembles that of many DIYers.

Check out YouTube

Elisha’s YouTube channel @Pneumatic Addict has LOTS of subscribers and great video content. In addition to woodworking projects, it’s not uncommon for Elisha to cover home improvement projects. This includes the ultimate home improvement project: building a new house. It’s all documented and available on YouTube.


Elisha knows a lot about finishing, and we’re going to take advantage of that knowledge while she’s here. Watch for her videos over the coming months.

Social media

Find Elisha on Instagram and Facebook and on her website.

LIVE stream

In case you missed it, you can catch the LIVE stream Elisha was on with me.

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One Response to “Meet Elisha Albretsen (Pneumatic Addict)”

  1. Bill Killian

    I thought we'd get to see her do something, but sadly no...

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