Elisha Albretsen

WWGOA LIVE: Q&A with Elisha Albretsen

Elisha Albretsen
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Duration:   1 mins

Join George Vondriska and special guest Elisha Albretsen for this LIVE Q&A. Elisha is the craftswoman behind Pneumatic Addict. She is a lifelong “maker” and former furniture flipper who has been creating DIY Home Improvement content online for 10 years. You can find Elisha’s how-to tips shared across social media, as well as her website PneumaticAddict.com. George and Elisha cover topics such as leg to seat joinery, tips for outdoor projects, shop-made scribing tools, and wipe-on oil pros and cons.

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6 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE: Q&A with Elisha Albretsen”

  1. Brian

    Want to build a bench top router table for full-size Bosch plunge router. Suggestions? Drop in plate or just a hole for the bit and fasten the router to the top? Thanks

  2. Esteban

    How did you both get your starts in industrial arts?

  3. Chester Bammel

    have refinished a number of flat surfaces like lamp tables, etc. A number of times, particularly on veneers, I have sanded through the grades and everything looks great. Then, when I stain, it looks like cat-claw marks all over the wood where it looks like the courser grade scratches did not sand out. How can I prevent this? Hello Chester, Hit it with a light wipe down with some mineral spirits and use a light to check it carefully. And if you miss something with that approach, let the stain dry and sand it down again. Paul Woodworkers Guild of America

  4. Michael John Horan

    #43120I am making a plywood "steering wheel" for an outdoor pumpkin patch playground application. I am making it from 2 thicknesses of 3/4 exterior plywood (glued together with exterior glue). I am considering soaking the wheel in linseed oil but want to know if that is logical and will provide the best protection from the temperature extremes (central ND). Am I on the right track or do you have a better suggestion? Hello Michael, Linseed oil looks beautiful but it provides virtually no protection from the elements. I would suggest using a clear deck sealer. Paul Woodworkers Guild of America

  5. Greg

    What happened to my question?

  6. Anthony BRISKIE

    Enjoy your presentations, can you tell me how I determine when I need to sharpen my planner blades? I have a dewalt 735. just started planning on it. I am planning 4 quarter white pine. I has dried for 30 months inside my unheated garage. just going to plan it smooth and then rabbit edges to hang vertical. I have about 100 10' pieces 12 inches wide.

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