Elisha Albretsen

Cleaning Clogged Spray Can Tips

Elisha Albretsen
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Duration:   1 mins

Argh! You grab an aerosol can of finish off your shelf and when you try to spray finish, nothing comes out. But the can is nearly full. Don’t dump the rattle can. There’s a good chance you can salvage it. Elisha tells you how.

#finishing #woodfinishing #rattlecan #aerosolcan #aerosolfinish #sprayingfinish #woodfinish

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3 Responses to “Cleaning Clogged Spray Can Tips”

  1. BILL

    I'm logged in but I can't pull this up. The screen stays blank

  2. jim

    turn can upside down and spray for a few seconds after can use, and that will clean the tip

  3. Lee Griffith

    Will the plastic tip get dissolved by lacquer thinner?

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