Elisha Albretsen

George and Elisha’s Project Challenge

Elisha Albretsen
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Duration:   21  mins

George and Elisha wrapped up her time in George’s shop with a project challenge. Follow along with their antics as they compete for the big prize. OK, there isn’t actually a prize. Just the inherent pride of kicking out a project in a very limited time frame with no pre-planning. What’s not to love?

What’s the challenge?

They each started with a ¾” x 48” x 48” piece of plywood. The idea is to make a shop stool in an hour…ish.

Design challenges involved

George and Elisha are both coming into this cold. No SketchUp drawing, no prep. What you’re watching is the real-time evolution of their ideas and approaches. With only an hour to work, they have to really think through any steps that require gluing.

Tips along the way

As you watch George and Elisha tease each other—I mean, build their projects—watch for tips they provide for you as they go. From shop-made router circle cutting jigs to blade selection for plywood to glue choice for rapid curing to finding the center of circles, there’s A LOT of woodworking info in this video. You’re welcome to steal ideas.

How’d they do?

You’re gonna have to watch the video to see how this comes out. We can tell you that there were two stools complete by the end.

More projects for you

When you’re ready to do projects that don’t have to be completed in only an hour, be sure to check out the WWGOA project page. There’s lots of great stuff there.

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