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Kreg Adaptive Cutting System Review

George Vondriska
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Track saws and cutting systems that use them are quite the rage. And it makes sense. What a great way to get large pieces cut down to more manageable sizes, straight line rip stock, cut funky angles, and more. But here’s my question: can you use a track saw and cutting system to produce all the parts you’d need to make a cabinet? In other words, is a good track saw cutting system a reasonable substitute for having a table saw in your shop, or for building cabinets on-site? Let’s put Kreg’s system through its paces and see.

Kreg’s System

Kreg’s Adaptive Cutting System consists of a saw, track, table, and accessories that help you set up and make your cuts. The saw has on board dust collection, and anti-chipping devices that improve cut quality. The table system makes it easy to make cuts perpendicular to an edge, or make angled cuts.

Making Cuts

Use the system by sliding your material under the track and getting it correctly positioned. You can position parts by measuring and marking on the piece, or by using the table accessories that Kreg provides. Both approaches work fine. The system works equally well for cutting sheet stock and solid wood.


Spoiler alert. This system works great and makes it easy to cut all the parts you need for building cabinets; from case pieces to face frame parts.

More About Cabinet Making

Once you master the basics of cabinet making you’ve opened the door to creating book cases, vanities, shop or kitchen cabinets, and more. The procedures for these projects are very similar, and easily transfer from one project to the next.

More Info

For more information on Kreg’s Adaptive Cutting System visit the website or call (800)-447-8638.

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4 Responses to “Kreg Adaptive Cutting System Review”

  1. Brian Schultz

    How does this saw work with Walnut and other hardwoods?

  2. Steve McHargue

    I'm very interested in replacing my 50 year old Craftsman table saw, with its zero safety features, with either a SawStop table saw, or this adaptive cutting system. The ACS is interesting from a standpoint of cost and space (just a weekend hobbiest) - my only hesitation is in watching the video on the setup and usage, i wonder how difficult to get those two independent gauges the same and not be off by 1/16th of an inch so that the cut is not truly square. I wish there was one thing to lock it to get square and not 2. Or is it actually easier that it looks?

  3. Arthur

    How do you keep from cutting the support table? It seems the table would be cut to unuseability in a short period of time.

  4. clawmd14

    Are you able to change the blade to different tooth count.

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