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Build a Side Table

George Vondriska
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Duration:   27  mins

Looking for a great project that you can put together in no time? In this free video lesson, we teach you step by step how to build a side table. The joinery is simple, with screw pockets holding everything together.

Getting Started: How to Build a Side Table

Prep your material by jointing straight edges onto all your parts. This is especially important on pieces you’ll be gluing edge to edge for the top and shelf. Cut one end square on your rails and legs. Cut them to their final length.


We’re using screw pockets throughout the project. Drill pocket holes in the back face of one of the mating boards for each edge to edge joint. Also drill pocket holes in both edges of each rail.

Allow for Expansion and Contraction

Follow the instructions for using your pocket hole jig to create elongated holes in the top edge of the short rails. This allows us to screw the rails to the top and shelf while still allowing the parts to move seasonally.


Before assembly use a ⅛” roundover bit on all the outside corners. Use a ¼” spacer to provide the correct reveal between the legs and rails, and a 3-½” long spacer to position the lower rails.

Cut the top and shelf to their final sizes and install them on the base. When finishing the project it’s best to remove the top and shelf so you can get finish on both faces, then reinstall them.

Cut List

Top ¾” x 16” x 25-½”
Long rails ¾” x 2-½” x 21-½”
Short rails ¾” x 2-½” x 11-½”
Legs 1-½” x 1-½” x 28”
Shelf ¾” x 14-½” x 24-½”

More Info

For more information on Kreg products visit their website or give them a call at (800) 447-8638.

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7 Responses to “Build a Side Table”

  1. dpmeyer4867

    you had me until "pocket holes"

  2. Rodger Cerritelli

    How does he know how far away from the long sided edge to drill the pocket holes?

  3. dhnorton00

    Did you use any glue when you attached the top and the shelf to the assembly or did you just use the screws? Thanks

  4. JOHN

    I bought red cedar spindles for legs. Frame is cedar. Top is grenadillo.

  5. carterwhite

    My better-half really likes the look of this table, but wants to mount a granite top and paint the base black. I know the top will need to be glued to the base with polyurethane adhesive. Any suggestions on wood selection for the base (legs and rails)? Seems to be a waste (and expensive) to use a nice tight grained hardwood only to finish with paint.

  6. John Addoms

    Love it! Any plans I can print out?

  7. Roger

    What woods would be good for this table?

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