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Unique Woodturning: Crafting Bowls from Laminated Beams

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Woodturners always exhibit creativity and resourcefulness, especially when finding materials for their woodturning projects. From synthetic countertops to deer antlers, their choices are always unique. This time, watch as George takes on an unexpected challenge: turning a laminated beam into a stunning bowl.

The Right Tools for Turning Laminated Beams

Laminated beams contain a significant amount of glue, which can be challenging for standard tools. To avoid frequent sharpening interruptions, consider using a carbide turning tool. As showcased by George, these tools are resilient against the adhesive nature of lam beams. With a sharp carbide lathe chisel in hand, you’ll master the art of creating bowls from laminated beams with ease.

Safety First: Protect Against Dust and Glue

Laminated beam turning will produce dust, and it’s no ordinary dust – it’s laden with glue. It’s crucial to prioritize your health; don’t compromise by inhaling these particles. Always wear a high-quality dust mask. For a better and safer experience, consider integrating an air filtration system into your workspace.

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