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Benefits of Sequence Cut Boards

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You may have heard woodworkers refer to sequence cut material and how cool it can be. What does that mean? In this video George has two amazing pieces of maple in his shop, fresh off the sawmill, and they’re perfect examples of sequence cut boards, and the benefits they can bring to your projects. Once you see how cool this is, you’re going to start keeping your ear to the ground, looking for the opportunity to bring sequence cut boards into your shop.

More on sawing and sawmills

Once you know how cool sequence cuts boards are, you may want to start cutting your own lumber. You can do this on a bandsaw. Our video on using your bandsaw to cut logs will show you how to do this in your own shop. You should also look at our video on cutting lumber from logs to learn about using a sawmill.

Learning about lumber

Want to know about other options for project material? Be sure to look at the great videos and articles that Woodworkers Guild of America has on understanding wood. From solid wood to man made products, you’ll find lots of great info.

Shop tips

Now that you’ve got your material choices nailed down, be sure to check out our other shop tips. They’re sure to help you be successful with your projects.