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Ultimate Guide to Perfect Woodworking Panel Glue-Ups

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When you need wide pieces for a project and don’t want to use sheet stock or man-made material, you’ll do a panel glue-up, gluing pieces from edge to edge. A handful of things need to happen to create a successful edge-to-edge glue-up. A well-constructed panel glue-up will have grain match, color match, good glue joints, and come out flat. Here are several tips to help you compose great panels for your projects.

Common questions when attempting a glue-up

Several common questions about crafting a panel glue-up are answered in this video. How many clamps should I use? How do I keep track of boards on a large glue-up? Should I reinforce the joint with biscuits or something similar? How much glue should I use? How do I keep the panel flat as I’m clamping? How tight should the clamps be? How do I deal with squeeze out? Each of these questions is addressed.

More gluing and clamping techniques

Gluing and clamping techniques are part of woodworking, and it’s important to understand what glue to use, and how to best clamp your project pieces. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, a glue-up goes badly. Prevention is worth a pound of cure, but it’s also good to have some tricks up your sleeve to take care of these after-the-fact problems.

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