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Spacers Create Perfect Dado Fit

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Sure, it’s great to cut dadoes using a dado head on a table saw, or a router bit on a router table or with a hand-held router. But there are instances where that may not work for you. Maybe you don’t own a dado head, or the right size router bit. Or maybe you’re only making one dado and don’t want to bother setting up those tools. There is another way.

Dadoes with a single blade

Here’s another solution for cutting dadoes; you can use a single blade on your table saw, and make multiple passes. The good news, you don’t have to set up a dado head or router. However, there’s a however.

The problem

What makes single blade dadoes tough is setting up to produce dadoes that are the perfect width. Good dado joinery comes from having a good fit between the dado and the mating piece, so it’s important to get the fit right. This video provides the tips and tricks you need to make certain you get perfect dadoes every time.

Blade choice

The best blade for this operation is an FTG-Flat Top Grind. This type of tooth geometry will leave the dadoes with a perfectly flat bottom. Other tooth types, like alternate top bevel, will leave ridges in the bottom of the dado and adversely affect glue strength.

More on dadoes

Interested in doing dadoes with a dado head on the table saw? Given the right recipe for success, it’s a straightforward process. Check out our video on cutting dadoes on the table saw.