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George’s Tips on Impact Driver Tips

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Buying a tip for power driving screws may seem like a no brainer but, like any tool, it pays to know what you’re getting and what you should be shopping for before making a purchase. This is especially true if you’re putting screws in with an impact driver. Impact drivers exert a lot of torque, and a lousy tip won’t hold up.

What makes the best impact driver tip?

There are a handful of characteristics and benefits that accompany purchasing a good driver tip, and you should shop for those characteristics. Hardness, magnetic tips, quick connect… These are great features. You should also pay attention to the length of driver tip that will work best for your project. The worse case scenario? A driver tip that strips or breaks as you’re using it, causing you to push the tip into your woodworking project. That quickly makes for a really bad day.

What’s the deal with impact drivers?

With so many people talking about and using impact drivers you may be looking for information that will help you learn what is an impact driver, and if one is a good purchase for you and your shop. They are very handy to have, especially when you’re driving larger screws.

The take away

Here’s our best tip for buying driver tips. Don’t scimp. You’ll get what you pay for, and by the time you replace multiple poor quality tips, you could have simply purchased one good one from the get go. You’ll be a lot happier using the best impact driver tip.

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